Safari West – a photo safari adventure

What a great way to spend Valentine’s Day!

We had a brief drive up to Santa Rosa where the adventure begins.  The place is pretty darn amazing.  It was a busy day at Safari West and there was lots to see.

When you first arrive, you meet your guide (ours was named Jen) and you go for a short little walk around the front of the park.  here you can see a variety of rare or otherwise exotic birds, and a few other animals such as a cheetah….all while learning interesting facts about the animals, their origins, and for the most part their endangerment.

After around 30 minutes on the walk-around tour, we hopped aboard the open-aired Jeep and the real adventure begins.

Our little guide, Jen will be taking the wheel in that thing.  She only got stuck in the mud once!  but she navigated out of it like a pro.

On our ride, there was a Zebra (male) kept separate from the rest of the pack, for the safety of the young (and the guides).

There were Rhino:

There were all sorts of animals in the preserve.  It was very wide-open, and felt very much like you were on a real safari (not that I would know, YET!). There were antelope, giraffes, and lots lots more!

I was so happy to spend the day with my wife looking at all the animals, and even happier that she let me bring my camera.  There was only one rule for the day, pictures of animals only!  She married the wrong guy to not like having her picture taken, but since it was Valentine’s Day, I decided to listen to her….just this once.  :)

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